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About Dr. Bowman,
the founder of the Patriots

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Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman, Ph.D. , USAF, ret., Chairman

Sgt. David A. Katz, USMC (Khe Sahn vet), Director

Mrs. Patricia Burton , Medford , OR , Director

Dr. Ted Conna , Westborough, MA, Director

Mr. Chuck Colver, Durham, NC, Director


L/C Bob Bowman, National Commander & Treasurer

Sgt. Dave Katz , Veterans' Affairs Advisor & Chief of Staff

Margaret E. Bowman, Corporate Secretary

Teresa Katz, Office Manager

Pamela A. Stuart , D.C. Registered Agent & Legal Advisor


Vice Admiral Noel Gayler, U.S. Navy, retired

Major General Jack Kidd, U.S. Air Force, retired

* Colonel James B. Burkholder, U.S. Army, retired

* Brigadier General Joseph P. Adams, U.S. Marine Corps, retired

* Rear Admiral Eugene J. Carroll, Jr. U.S. Navy, retired

* Brigadier General Homer A. Boushey, U.S. Air Force, retired

* Lt. Col. Lavere A. Dodson, U.S. Army, retired (Chaplain)

Lt. Col. Josh Reese, U.S. Marine Corps, retired

* Colonel Peter E. Boyes, U.S. Air Force, retired

Rear Admiral Ralph Weymouth, U.S. Navy, retired

* Colonel Kent K. Parrot, Ph.D., U.S. Air Force, retired

Commander William H. Withrow U.S. Navy, retired

Colonel David T. LaFollette, U.S. Air Force, retired

Ambassador Harlan Cleveland H.H. Humphrey Institute

Bishop Leroy Matthieson, Diocese of Amarillo

Dr. Harold Sandler, Chief, Bio-Medical Research, NASA

* Professor Robert von Pagenhardt, Naval Postgraduate School

Dr. Hugh DeWitt, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

Bishop Thomas A. Gumbleton, Diocese of Detroit

* Professor Seymour Melman, Columbia University

* Ambassador Robert Buchheim, former Commissioner, SCC

Dr. John Casani, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

* Professor Phillip Morrison, M.I.T.

Professor Lawrence O. Jones, Dunedin , New Zealand

Dr. Aly Sadek, Acad. of Sci. & Tech. , Egypt

Professor Y. M. Timnat, Technion , Israel

* Deceased. The Board of Advisors and Fellows was created between 1982 and 1985. The deceased members were extremely important in our early efforts to fight government lies and prevent nuclear war under the Reagan administration. They are missed.”